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We leave no stone unturned, providing complete turnkey cybersecurity solutions for small to enterprise-sized businesses and organizations.

Patriot Solutions Group exists to prevent (or respond to) compromise of (any, but especially mission critical) networks, routers, bridges, switches, services and other components through vulnerabilities existing on intranets, extra nets, inadequate fire-walling, inferior IDS, or inexperienced incident response team personnel. Thus creating not only dynamic response measures, adaptable to any situation, but preventing these situations from occurring and negatively influencing your business.

Software & Cyber Innovation

When everything is connected, security is everything. That's why Patriot Group Solutions LLC delivers solutions that protect every side of cyber for government agencies, businesses and nations. Protecting the most critical information, systems and operations with breakthrough solutions to make the world a safer place..  >>Read more

Program Management

Program Management

Our program management services that we provide to government clients helps push their projects toward success. Patriot Solutions Group also uses our proven and solid project management skills and experience internally to manage all of our government contract work as well as our business solutions and our independent research and development projects. >>Read more

Department of Defense
United States Department of Homeland Security
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