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Below is a brief look at our overall approach for providing implementation services for a new management system solution. Of course, each phase is tailored to the specific processes and requirements of each client.

Development Process - Our team of consultants leverage the best practices of the Agile software implementation methodology to ensure the success of the project. We also work collaboratively with the client to establish reasonable milestones and scope at the onset of the project.

Discovery & Requirements - We work with clients to refine, build, and fit the desired processes to the chosen platform. We establish the project plan and the project infrastructure to include requirements, task, change, and quality management. We also define roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

System architecture - We collaboratively define the capabilities and components of the platform that we will utilize for the client’s solution. These components, and how they will be utilized, helps us define the overall architecture of the solution.

Implementation Cycle - We break the implementation of the project into small three week ‘sprints’, where we iteratively refine requirements, build, and test functionality planned for deployment. We also utilize an iterative approach to data migration where we identify data sources and then map, convert, and validate through a number of iterations.

Test Case, Test Plan and User Acceptance Testing - We provide UAT (User Acceptance Testing) training to enable end-users to test efficiently and effectively. We also migrate the solution to the production environment.

Training Plan, End User Training, and Deployment - This encompasses end-user functional training and administrator training. End-user training involves hands on execution of business processes and specific functionality. Administrator training includes topics such as completing configuration changes and other administrative tasks for the chosen platform. Our team of consultants will develop and implement a training plan tailored to meet the training needs of each client.

The final deployment involves planning and coordinating with technical staff and key stakeholders on transitioning to the new platform. We retire older systems and archive historical data and initiate final data migration to the production environment. Patriot Solutions Group consultants are made available for additional questions, clarifications, and additional training.

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